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Lagg First Editions

Better known for their unpeated single malts, Isle of Arran Distillers are now making major moves in the peated category, shifting part of their production to a completely new site solely dedicated to the exploration of smokey whiskies. Opening in 2019, Lagg's entire output lands at 50ppm using mainland barley with peat sourced from across Scotland. Intent on rivalling Islay, experimentation won't stop there. Lagg may well source peat from around the globe. The aim is to explore the impact of terroir on whisky flavour. Leading the charge at what is the first distillery on the southern tip of the Isle since 1837 is Graham Omand, the newly appointed Distillery Manager who spent close to a decade as a stillman at Arran under the guidance of his uncle, Master Distiller James MacTaggart. There are three editions in the new Lagg line up, first offered via ballot at Arran's website as a collector's triptych. The ballot has since closed and UK retail allocations have largely sold out. We're offering the three batches separately. All come bottled un-chill filtered and at a higher than usual strength of 50% ABV.