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Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection

The Perpetual series was unveiled in mid 2022 as travel retail exclusives. Four whiskies showing off the distillery’s signature solera vat maturation process make up the range. The vat system never runs dry. Instead, a portion is removed and the remainder is topped up with fresh liquid. This allows the latest batch to take on some characteristics of the older product. The process originated from Spanish sherry production, which Glenfiddich’s fifth Malt Master, David Stewart adapted in 1998 to produce their core 15-year-old single malt. According to him, it allows whisky from different casks to better integrate. Only half the whisky in Glenfiddich’s large solera vats is bottled at any one time.

Of the four malts in the Perpetual Collection, the most easily approached is Vat 01, a combination of Bourbon and wine cask-matured whiskies that's sweet, soft, and smooth. Aged in Spanish sherry casks, Vat 02 presents a more complex and luscious character. Both have no age statements. The 15-year-old Vat 03 showcases Glenfiddich’s signature style. Matured in European oak sherry and Bourbon casks, it's silky and full-bodied delivering warm notes of spice, nutty marzipan, and dried figs. The final in the series is also deemed the most extravagant. Vat 04 is treated in oloroso sherry and Bourbon casks for 18 years for a deeper profile.