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Arran Machrie Moor

Arran takes peat very seriously, so much so that they’ve built a new distillery on the island solely dedicated to the exploration of smokey whiskies. The precursors to that project are the ”Machrie Moor” series of peated malts, their title referencing an area of Arran island strewn with Bronze Age stone circles and standing stones, once used by a giant to tether its favourite dog (hence the imagery on the labels). What started out as a regular 'limited release' of around 18,000 bottles was so popular, the distillery decided to make it a part of their core range. That has since expanded with the addition of a 10YO and a cask strength bottling. The whiskies are moderately peated at 20ppm, so expect something like a fruity Port Charlotte or Ardmore, i.e.- a little less smoke and more fruity malt.