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Krug Grande Cuvee 170, 2008 Vintage, Collection Vintage Trio

Grande Cuvée

Since their inception in 1843, Krug Grande Cuvée has been their signature wine, and the most important wine they produce each year. Crafting Grande Cuvée only once a year, Krug now distinguish each release numerically, and provide great insight into the detailed composition via their Krug iD site. While these Edition wines are non-vintage, Krug prefers to call them multi-vintage given they use a large proportion of reserve wines in the blend, normally over 120 base wines spanning 10+ vintages.


Vintage Krug holds a special place among the landscape of prestige cuvée Champagne, over the years having produced some of the most mesmerising and memorable wines of the region. Appearing only when conditions allow, and never at the sacrifice of their number one wine Grande Cuvée, Vintage Krug is cherished and chased by collectors the world over.

Collection Vintage

Knowing that Champagne displays a range of experiences as bottles evolve over time, Krug also holds back a small amount of these vintage wines to be released as they reach a new peak of expression, naming them Krug Collection. These impossibly rare releases of Krug Collection are kept in ideal conditions in the House’s cellars, and after regular tasting and appraisal are finally disgorged to reveal their new personality.