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2020 Domaine Faiveley 1er & Grand Cru

Domaine Faiveley was founded in 1825, and while they have been known for producing outstanding quality wines throughout this time, they are widely considered one of the most improved domaines in Burgundy over the last decade. The fact the Domaine is one of the largest classified vineyard owner in Burgundy should not be seen as a negative (market trends usually favour smaller producers) but rather a testament to Faiveley's legacy and drive to expand.

The 2020s from Faiveley are 'paradoxically' excellent: in a vintage where many things could (and should) have gone wrong, this Domaine has defied the odds and crafted wines with great energy, refinement and vineyard character expression. As for the reds, the 2020s from Domaine Faiveley are ripe, very concentrated and vibrant, stylistically halfway between the 2019s for their richness (but not quite as big) and the 2014s for their elegance and purity. The whites on the other hand don't exude as much richness, rather remarkable freshness, textural character and mineral tension (especially those grown on more calcareous soils).