Zytnia Extra Vodka (700ml)

$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

It was not until the 17th century that vodka was established as Poland’s national drink. In this period of time, the Polish also started exporting their production to Northern European countries like Russia. By the 18th century, their techniques had advanced resulting in such practices as triple distillation. Today the largest vodka distiller in Poland is Polmos. The company encompasses 25 independent distilleries and holds the domestic market rights with a "no fee" license to produce all of the classic vodka brands.The variety and quality of Vodkas from Polmos now available in Australia has improved substantially over the last ten years. Zytnia [pronounced zhit-NYA] is yet another fine addition to their ever-expanding portfolio. A wonderfully dry vodka, Zytnia is one of the most popular spirits in Poland and Polish expatriate communities. The Chicago-based Beverage Tasting Institute declared Zytnia a "Gold Medal WorldChampion Vodka." International Wine Review magazine commented: Zytnia is "...easily identifiable in blind tastings...one of the most flavorful and interesting vodkas."

100% distilled from rye with a small addition of apple spirit and fruit enhancers, Zytnia has a subtle but pleasant grain character to it. Pale yellow in colour. Medium bodied with a dry palate. Subtle hints of citrus and anise follow through the soft, rich mouthfeel. Well structured, with a lovely dry lingering finish. For those who enjoy their vodka straight.
40% alc./vol.