Zoco Pacharan (Patxaran) Navarro Sloe Berry Liqueur (1000ml)

Navarro, SPAIN
$54. 99 Bottle
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 25%

Patxaran (Basque from 'baso aran' (wild plum); called 'Pacharán' in Spanish) is a sloe-flavoured liqueur from Navarra, commonly drunk in the Basque Country and in the rest of Spain. The liqueur is similar to a Sloe Gin being made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn, in an anise-flavoured spirit (anisette) with a small number of coffee beans and a vanilla pod for several months. It results in a light reddish-brown sweet liquid, around 25–30% proof. It is served cold or on ice as a digestif.

The drink was essentially a home-made liqueur of rural Navarra, but became popular in the late 19th century. It was commercialised in the 1950's and became very popular outside Navarra. One theory holds that young Navarrans took bottles with them on National Service, popularising the liqueur in the rest of Spain. There are now moves to ensure that the drink's name is protected to guarantee its quality, tradition and Navarrese identity. The regulator of Pacharán of Navarra insists that no colourings or flavourings are added, that the maceration is between one and eight months and on the amount of sloes used.

Pronounced ‘Thock-O’ and first sold in 1956, Zoco is the oldest (and still the leading) commercial brand of Pacharan. It's made by steeping sloes, coffee and vanilla in anisette producing a distinctive and complex liqueur. 25% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Appearance: Clear, coppery amber with bronze highlights. Aroma: Stewed prunes, aniseed and cold breakfast tea. Taste: Lightly syrupy and honeyed with sloe berries, ripe cherry and stewed prunes with anise freshness. Aftertaste: Ripe plums and aniseed with cracked black pepper and hints of chocolate. Praiseworthy. www.diffordsguide.com