Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey (700ml)
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Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey (700ml)

$99. 99 Bottle
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 45.2%

Owners, Brown Forman released this wheated expression back in mid 2019, named so because the mash bill contains more than 50% wheat - 52% to be exact, the remainder being 20% malted barley, 20% corn and 8% rye. According to Woodford Master Distiller Chris Morris, “After Prohibition, the federal government permitted four styles of American straight whiskey, each with a different majority grain – bourbon, rye, wheat and malt. Woodford Reserve now has all four whiskeys as part of its permanent family of brands.” Offering fruit and floral flavours with a creamy texture, it's a profile that should do well sipped neat or in cocktails. 45.2% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey feels like it has potential to be so much more than what it delivers. The nose, while light, starts off nicely and is full of scents that you hope will be present in the rest of the sip. Unfortunately, the palate and the finish drop the ball. The flavors come across as more muted and uninteresting, and really leave you longing for more. Would this have been better with a higher percentage of wheat in the mashbill? I don’t know, but I’d love to find out. That’s mainly the issue I have with Woodford’s non-bourbon standard releases. While a barely legal malt percentage worked well for Woodford Reserve Malt, that same barely legal strategy doesn’t pay off for Woodford Reserve Rye or Woodford Reserve Wheat. For those who are interested in trying a wheat whiskey, don't expect a whiskey that tastes as unique as you might like it to be. - breakingbourbon.com