Winesave Pro Argon Gas Wine Preserver

$29. 99
$359.88 Dozen
The world's first, patented, hand-held canister containing 100% argon gas that's all-natural, high-quality & food-grade. Simply spray for one second into an opened bottle of wine and it creates a perfectly natural layer above your wine, preventing further oxidation from the air above.

Winesave adapts what has long been a wine industry standard into a new, easy to use argon gas based home wine preservation system. It is a quick and easy application containing up to 150 effective doses. The primary element responsible for the deterioration of wine in an open bottle is oxygen. Oxygen interacts with ethanol (the alcohol in wine) and forms other less desirable compounds that alter and diminish the flavours of wine. In the world of wine preservation we have seen systems that attempt to remove someoxygen via suction or reduce most of the surface area of wine in contact with oxygen. Both are effective in part, but our third option, argon based Winesave, is a cut above.

Argon (derived from the Greek rgon, meaning idle or inactive - a hint to its application in the preservation of wine) is odourless, colourless, (slightly) heavier than air and, as far as gasses go, somewhat lazy! Argon is what is known as an inert gas. As such it undergoes virtually no chemical reactions, unlike oxygen which is anything but idle or inactive. The ability to remove all the oxygen from a bottle makes Winesave uniquely suited to preserving older, more fragile wines or controlling the rate of development when decanting delicate vintages. Complete removal of oxygen also ensures a lengthier period of preservation is possible – “up to several weeks” according to the manufacturer, which is as good as forever for most drinkers. To use simply insert the Winesave applicator into your opened bottle, vent enough argon into the bottle to expel and replace all the oxygen in the head space, then replace the bottle’s closure. Your wine is safe from the active and destructive ways of oxygen until you next remove the seal from the bottle!

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