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Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur (700ml)

$44. 99
$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 35.5%

The liqueur produced by the Wild Turkey Company (one of the few bourbon-based liqueurs on the market), aptly enhances the honeyed feature of Wild Turkey Bourbon resulting in a unique and delicious spirit. Pure natural honey is blended into a bourbon-based formula, which becomes a smooth cordial with a sweet, extremely mellow flavour. The Liqueur marries well with Wild Turkey Bourbon to make a Kentucky-style "Golden Nail." It also goes well with vanilla ice cream, pecan pie, or as an ingredient in a butterscotch sauce. A recommended novelty for the Bourbon enthusiast.

Tasting note: Gold appearance. Smells of Bourbon and vanilla combined with confectionary overtones (bubblegum / sherbet). Where’s the honey? Thick delivery sees vanilla, sherbet notes repeating over a creamy texture. Gently spicy, warming spirit backbone. On the drier side with moderate length. Pleasant but lacks genuine honey character. 35.5% Alc./Vol.