Wild Island Botanic Gin (700ml)
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Wild Island Botanic Gin (700ml)

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$1440.00 Dozen
ABV: 43.7%

Crafted in a century old copper still at Langley Distillery in Birmingham using British Wheat, this new Scottish gin comes infused with six native hand foraged botanicals from the Isle of Colonsay in the Scottish Hebrides, with a further ten as the base. These include water mint, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, heather flowers, lemon balm and bog myrtle. Tasted from a 20ml sample, the nose is slightly reticent, and it's clearly a contemporary style, so juniper isn't salient, but the palate manages a herbal, citrus complexity that makes this engaging uncut. It's textural, oily, spicy and long through the finish with herbal tea notes and a host of botanicals playing second fiddle. The gin comes suitably presented in a distinctive bottle displaying an expressionist water colour representation of Kiloran Bay on Colonsay. 43.7% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Wild Island Botanic Gin is a refreshing and Summery gin. At its heart is the deep flavour of the dried lemon peel and the character of the essential oils has been carried into the gin well. This is balanced with floral notes from the heather flowers, sweet notes from the Meadowsweet, some tartness from the Sea Buckthorn, and a more refreshing kick at the finish from the lemon balm and mint. Ideal in a Tom Collins or Gin and Tonic, garnish with a slice of lemon and serve with a light tonic to bring out the citrus flavours. - theginguide.com

Gold Medal - Gin - Contemporary Styles - 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition