Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin (700ml)

$62. 99
$755.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Other reviews... Honestly, the raspberry hit is so intense you can almost feel the imminent arrival of berries set to burst in your mouth, although they’re joined by a stewed, sweet hibiscus and fiery coriander. You’d have to search far – very far – to find any juniper to taste here, so as a Gin it’s a no from us. As a cocktail spirit, though, it works. It’s so forceful in its delivery of flavour that it’ll cut its way through a million potential mixers, and the aftertaste, which really doesn’t take too long to arrive, is a surprisingly herbal affair. With tonic it’s… odd. The quinine and greens of the underlying gin run away together, leaving the raspberries in the dust and resulting in an aftertaste that is nowhere near where it needs to be. Tonic isn’t always necessary here though, and just thinking about how this would work all dressed up in a Clover Club has us all flustered. Try it in a cocktail. It works. - ginfoundary.com