Westward Rum Cask Single Malt American Whiskey (700ml)
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Westward Rum Cask Single Malt American Whiskey (700ml)

$179. 99
$2159.88 Dozen
ABV: 50%

Rum cask finishes are slowly trending in American whiskey. The sweetness of American oak combined with rum bounce off each other beautifully when the balance is right. This example offers up hints of shaved coconut and chocolate rum balls, especially on the nose. On the palate, the rum influence is restrained, in accord with Westward's delicate, fruity spirit. Wood spices add vibrancy to the finish. Tasted from a 30ml sample.

Other reviews... Building off a 100% malt base, sweet complementary rum flavors add depth to this American single malt. Westward Whiskey is located in Portland, Oregon and specializes in a category of whiskey that’s particularly notable right now, American single malt. Westward offers a variety of finished single malts, including Pinot Noir Casks, Stout Casks, and more. Rum Cask starts with Westward’s Single Malt Whiskey as a base, and then it’s finished in ex-Guatemalan rum casks. Guatemalan rum is distilled from fermented virgin cane syrup, as opposed to molasses, and has a rich history that dates back as far as 1591. The cane sugar sweetness shows through against the malt base, permeating through the entire whiskey. However, Westward’s base malt maintains the backbone of the flavor profile, and isn’t shy about its malt notes. The rum sweetness works in complement with the malt base - even though they’re two very different flavor realms but somehow it just works. Overall, Westward Rum Cask is a fun, unique combination of flavors that doesn’t taste like any of the growing number of rum finished whiskeys you may find on the shelf. - breakingbourbon.com