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Warninks Advocaat (Advokaat) Liqueur (700ml)

$44. 99 Bottle
$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 17.2%

'Advocatenborrel' which means - the drink of Advocates and Lawyers. Its rich content of protein and minerals with fine brandy obviously provided food for legal argument! Made from the yolks of new laid eggs and pure spirit.

The colour is deep yellow, a result of the rich yolks used in its production. The texture is thick and creamy. Many recipes include small quantities of kirsch, vanilla and citrus peel extracts to enhance the flavour. Advokaat may be enjoyed straight, or more popularly as a base for a range of excellent cocktails using hot or cold milk, soda or citrus juices.

Warninks, established in 1616, is the largest manufacturer of quality advocaat in the world.Some staggering statistics demonstrate the degree of production involved at their plant which uses upwards of 60 million eggs a year; supplied by 300,000 freelance employees on specially contracted chicken farms. The companies four egg breaking machines separate 18,000 yolks and whites an hour each - that's 72,000 yolks an hour that go on to be mixed with sugar, brandy and vanilla before being stored in tanks for a period of maturation.

Tasting notes:Thick, creamy, pale yellow appearance. Pours with the consistency of beaten egg yolks. With time in the glass, reveals light aromas of fresh custard, vanilla bean and wafer biscuit. Full cream in texture, the palate offers sweet, luscious flavours of egg yolks, cream and wafer biscuit - almost cloying - with the palate some what relieved by a soft, clean drying aftertaste of moderate length. A nice example, but might be even better at higher strength? Best consumed within six months after opening. Shake well before use. 17.2% Alc./Vol.