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Vincent Van Gogh Cool Peach Flavoured Vodka (750ml)

$59. 99
$719.88 Dozen
ABV: 35%

Dirkzwager Distilleries Master Distiller, Mr. Tim Vos, handcrafts Van Gogh Vodka in small batches using the finest grains - primarily a combination of wheat and a little corn and barley. The vodka is distilled twice in column stills and then a third time in a traditional pot still to produce a spirit of the highest refinement. The copper pot still takes the "bite" out of the alcohol, making the vodka particularly smooth. Purified water which is considered superior over distilled water is employed. Mr. Vos believes that when water is distilled, it takes the character out and the water becomes a liquid without identity. Mr.Vos's desire and passion to continuously achieve perfection is evident in his award-winning vodkas, all made through this same multiple distillation process.

Tasting note: Pours crystal clear with a slight viscosity. Semi sweet bouquet issues notes of tinned peach / apricot nectar bordering on been confected. A soft, svelte palate is broad and sweet with very ripe peach / apricot flavours. Concludes slightly drier with a subtle spirit warmth. 35% Alc./Vol.