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Vickers Gin (700ml)

Multi District Blend,
$46. 99
$563.88 Dozen
ABV: 37%

The English word 'gin' is derived from the French word 'genievre' meaning juniper, the original herb used by the ancient distillers to make their medicines. It must still be the most prominent flavour in gin under EC regulations. London Dry gin is a style of gin and not a geographical description. The term 'dry' is a reference from the old days when the most popular gin was 'Old Tom' which was sweetened with sugar and glycerine. Dry gin was so named to distinguish it from the sweet version.

Tasting note: Crystal clear. An initial whiff of dried juniper, lemon peel and pine needle is followed by sweet, caramel like scents. Neither fresh nor distinctive as gin should be. Palate is faintly fruity in a blanco tequila kind of way and on the sweeter side with hints of marshmallow and little juniper to speak of. Warm, spicy mouthfeel. Meek citrus and juniper are followed by a peppery, citrus and pine needle aftertaste. With so many wonderful gins now available, it's a wonder why any one would bother with this. 37% Alc./Vol.