Uncle Val's Restorative Gin (700ml)
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Uncle Val's Restorative Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 45%

Other reviews... Does this bottle look familiar? Does the name sound familiar, too? Ah, you’re probably thinking about Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, which we reviewed upon release in 2012. Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin offers a somewhat different formulation. In lieu of juniper, cucumber, lemon, sage, and lavender — the key ingredients in Botanical — Restorative offers juniper, coriander, cucumber, and rose petals. If that sounds a lot like Hendrick’s, that’s because it is a lot like Hendrick’s. And once again, my tasting notes run to some unexpected places that are not wholly in keeping with the botanical bill. The nose presents juniper and lemony citrus (surprising, as there’s no citrus in the gin), a brisk and powerful introduction that should keep fans of more traditional, juniper-forward gins happy. The body folds in the florals — lots of rose petal character (considerably more than Hendrick’s) that fortunately manages to stay on this side of the perfume counter. The coriander adds an earthy element that is present mainly on the finish. Cucumbers are the only element that don’t really make a major showing. Intended to be “cooling,” the gin does have a gentler (and sweeter) let-down on the back end than you might expect, which takes things out on a refreshing and, well, restorative finish. I like this gin a bit better than the Uncle Val’s Botanical bottling, although with only four botanicals to rely on, Restorative has to work harder for your love. For the most part, it succeeds in earning it. Hendrick’s fans should definitely give this a shot to compare and contrast. - drinkhacker.com

...Bridging sweet and savory, this gin has a citrusy fragrance, which also shows up on the palate. Starting out with mild pineapple-like sweetness and traditional juniper, this gin segues into a spicy, mouthwatering finish with white and black pepper, coriander and ginger spice. 93 points - wineenthusiast.com

...More than just a Hendrick’s wannabe, Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin nicely combines a simple botanical bill into something vastly more complex. Classic gin fans will appreciate the juniper forwardness on the palate, while fans of contemporary style gins will love the beautiful way rose and cucumber blossom into notes of berry, lime, and peach. Overall, Restorative Gin is a fun gin that is worth seeking out. Recommended. - theginisgin