Tres Tribus Cuishe Joven Mezcal (700ml)
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Tres Tribus Cuishe Joven Mezcal (700ml)

Oaxaca, MEXICO
$154. 99
$1859.88 Dozen
ABV: 44%

Besides his 'Ensemble' expression, Mezcalero, Juan Antonio Coronel releases single variety Mezcals made from Tobalá, Espadin and Cuishe. The latter comes from agaves ranging from 10 to 25 years old, traditionally cooked with oak chips and then naturally fermented in wooden vats underground with wild yeast and spring water from the San Pedro Tidaá spring. Distillation takes place in a still designed and hand-built by Coronel using copper and local elements from the region. He also has a replanting program that replenishes agave harvested in the wild as well as trees used in the production process; For every wild agave he cuts, he replants four new ones. As for the flavour? Wild cuishe (or cuixe) typically yields intense mezcals noted for their mineral and spice notes. This one takes a slightly different trajectory. The aromas of moist earth and farmyard are similar to some peated whiskies while later inhalations find uncanny whiffs of blue cheese. The delivery is superbly soft, deep, oily and just plain delectable for mezcal as sweet, gently smoked flavours lead into blue vein cheese, dried pineapple, salted dark chocolate and mineral, rounding off ashy and dry with charred-agave complexity. If you are looking for an exotic new take on traditional Mezcal, try this. 44% Alc./Vol.

Notes from the producers... a distinct flavor profile that includes elegant herbal notes of rosemary, as well as hints of vanilla and cinnamon along with tangy blue cheese.