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Topanito Artesanal Still Strength Blanco Mezcal (700ml) - 52%

Oaxaca, MEXICO
$110. 00 Bottle
$1320.00 Dozen
ABV: 52%

Historically, the only way to sample natural strength mezcals and tequilas was to visit a Mexican distillery. Now there's a new category that brings the experience home: 'Still Strength'. Topanito's high ABV edition promises a more punchy and pure Mezcal experience.

Other reviews... Aroma: Oh yes, on the one hand this is a typical, smoky and spicy Oaxaca aroma which I can find here, but on the other hand it also shows some rather unusual characteristics. First of all, the smoke is a bit more “phenolic”, I have to think of cold campfire smoke, burnt star anise, a hint of rubber and some gasoline. I know that such descriptions must seem rather repulsive to people who have little or no experience with smoky spirits, but actually the whole thing works quite wonderfully here. Of course, there are earthy agave tones as well, the typical mineral salt and an idea of white pepper are there right away, but also herbal tones of rosemary and coniferous wood. With time, more complex, “vegetal” tones come to the fore: sweetish paprika, an idea of peach, but also ginger and some unripe banana. Palate: the smoke is also very dominant and superficial on the palate, but here it appears a little “warmer”: I reminds me more of smoked bacon roasted over a resinous wood fire. Again, there are notes of paprika and green banana, but also rock salt, white pepper and herbaceous notes. The alcohol is very pleasant to drink despite the 52% abv. It is noticeable (no wonder), but carries the taste nuances very skilfully. Really nicely done! Finish: quite long with notes of smoke, herbs (especially rosemary) and some mineral salt. - galumbi.com

Notes from the producers... Color: Clear. Nose: Slightly sweetish, notes of rosemary, fir, pine resin, khaki fruit, pastry notes, ginger, grilled peppers. Taste: Notes of chillies, black pepper, cardamom, BBQ aromas, bacon, paprika. Finish: Long lasting, heavy, oily, full-bodied. 52% Alc./Vol.