Tia Maria Liqueur (700ml)

$39. 99
$479.88 Dozen
ABV: 20%
Tia Maria is one of the world’s biggest selling coffee liqueurs. With its spirit backbone of 20%, almost perfumed coffee bean aromas and sweet Mocha flavours Tia Maria makes a superb mixing liqueur. Try Tia Maria“After Dark”: a long cool, exhilarating mix of Tia Maria, cola and ice. Or enjoy a simple indulgence with Tia Maria over ice.

Other reviews... Mahogany hue. Coffee grounds nose. A thick entry leads to a somewhat sweet and syrupy, full -bodied palate with true, next-day-Colombian-coffee flavor and well integrated fresh cane sugar. Finishes cleanly with a good interplay of bitter coffee flavor and caney sweetness.
86 points (Highly Recommended) - tastings.com