The Lost Distillery Company Auchnagie Archivist's Selection Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
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The Lost Distillery Company Auchnagie Archivist's Selection Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Kilmarnock, SCOTLAND
$150. 00
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%

The Lost Distillery Co. is managed by a group of self styled "Whisky Archivists" and Whisky Makers, the brainchild of Scott Watson and Brian Woods, both of whom previously worked at Diageo and became intrigued by the near 100 distilleries that have disappeared in the last century. Using all the available historical evidence, together with a panel of 'noses', they attempt to bring to life whiskies lost to the ravages of time and fate. It's a project that's had precedents, such as Macallan's "Replica" bottlings that were on the market in the 1990s (only in that instance they actually had preserved samples to work from). The Lost Distillery Company takes a more imaginative approach. In order to recreate their historical interpretations, they compose a blend using different single malts, tweaking the composition to sit easily with both the evidence of the archivist and the interpretation of the whisky makers. This process takes considerable time and experience but only when everyone is comfortable with the result does the whisky receive the company's seal of approval. It's a great story, but the quality of the whiskies they produce are what matters in the end - happily, what we've tasted so far is first rate.

Auchnagie (1812-1911) existed for almost 100 years near the hamlet of Tulliemet, approximately six miles south east of Pitlochry in Perthshire. Starting work as a remote farmhouse distillery, it ended its days as, arguably, the jewel in the crown of a global whisky empire. It had at least seven different owners and was silent for large parts of its life. This was not unusual for small-scale 19th century distilleries, as their precarious existence was often at the mercy of lack of water, lack of money, changes to duty laws and local demand for the product. Tasted from a 15ml sample, this offers soft, seductive aromas of poached orchard fruits, vanillan malt and light cereals. Astonishingly delicate and supple in the mouth; a slow motion surge of spices unfolds with terrific length; juicy / fruity flavours merge seamlessly with a subtle smokey undercurrent. It's deftly blended and a real pussycat that's impossible not to like. 46% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered.

Other reviews... A present day interpretation' of the long gone Auchnagie malt whisky (distillery was closed in 1911). I'm sorry but I'm not able to refute any of that as I've never tasted Auchnagie. Have you? Colour: straw. Nose: what's striking is the 'old' style indeed, this baby's not unlike some long forgotten grains and apples in an old cellar, near an old coal pile and quite some rusty old tools. Behind all that, some fudge, ale and caramel. Nice nose. Mouth: well made, this is citrusy at first sips, becoming then rather fatter but there's always this zesty side. A little vanilla to coat all this, a few salty touches, rocks and gravel, a very mild peatiness and a few mirabelle plums. Very well composed, I have to say. Finish: good length, on vanilla, zesty fruits and a little clay. Comments: whether this tastes like Auchnagie, I couldn't tell you, but indeed the style is 'old', partly because of the mild peatiness. A very smart blend, I think. 86 points -