The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram Allspice Liqueur (500ml)

$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 22%

Founded in 2006 by German bartenders Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck, The Bitter Truth Company were one of the first to revive a wide range of classic cocktail bitters on the retail market for modern day mixers. Today they produce a range in excess of ten flavourings, along with the occasional special batch release - their 'Dried Fruit Bitters' special release was commissioned to partake in the "World's most expensive cocktail" served in Dubai.

Today the company enjoy worldwide distribution for what was once a hobby craft, and are considered among the best for true flavourings as evidenced by the accolades attributed to them.

With its origins in Jamaica, Pimento dram is a liqueur made by macerating pimento berries (also known as allspice berries) in rum and then adding sugar. English explorers coined the term allspice because the berry seemed to embody the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove all at once. Its intense flavour is indispensable in many Tiki drinks where the rich spicy flavours of the pimento berry are used to great effect. Pimento dram can also be used for interesting substitutes in some modern drinks that typically use herbal liqueurs like Benedictine or Jägermeister.

Other reviews... This ruddy liqueur has a pronounced clove and allspice fragrance, and a sweet flavor with lots of peppy baking spice on the finish. Drying, tannic feel. Use for tiki drinks and other cocktails when spice is desired.
89 points - wineenthusiast.com