Tesseron Lot 53 XO Perfection Cognac (700ml)
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Tesseron Lot 53 XO Perfection Cognac (700ml)

Cognac, FRANCE
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ABV: 40%

100% Grande Champagne cognac, with the oldest component reaching half a century in barrel. 

A blend of Tesseron’s stocks of Grande Champagne cognac distilled in the 1950s from a base of Ugni Blanc and a small addition of Folle Blanche. With fifty years in barrel, it continues the theme of Lot 90 and Lot 76 but heads into more refined territory; Tasted from a 50ml sample, the nose is a slow-burn affair, developing aromas of nectarine, dried apricot, peach and rancio that follow through in a sublimely soft entry; delicate acidity brings a linear structure and a fine-tuned vivaciousness through the mid-palate; the finish picks up steam with orchard blossoms (apple, pear), hints of dry triple sec, nectarine, dried figs and cigar box followed by a superb rebound. Arguably the 'sweet spot' in the Tesseron range, balancing age, power and elegance, it's a cognac that demands time and quiet contemplation. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... They say this one aged for more than two generations in Limousin oak, which might corroborate the number '53', but that's no evidence. Colour: full gold. Nose: we're closer to… old Macallan, seriously. Some beeswax, old books, roasted nuts, various honeys, dried figs, honeysuckle, apricot jam, a tiny smokiness, very dry raisins, touch of pipe tobacco… I'm finding all this very elegant, still pretty classic (no new-age cognac), while the wafts of menthol that then rise to your nostrils are superb. Mouth: 43 or 46% pleaeaeaease! Flower jelly (mullein), peaches, mirabelles, quinces, lavender honey, not that many sultanas, a little bit of rice pudding, custard. Superb freshness. Finish: medium, with a few soft spices but the mirabelles remain firmly at the helm. Touch of pine resin and chartreuse in the aftertaste. Comments: some Vivaldi in a bottle (note to self, try more Tesseron). 90 points - whiskyfun.com

...The nosing passes find an oaky/nut paste aroma with fruity notes of berries, dried fruit, plums, pears and soft cheese. The palate entry is composed, succulent and honeyed; by midpalate the flavors deepen to include caramel, rancio and orange rind. Finishes beautifully with depth, finesse and maturity. 96-100 points - winenethusiast.com