Tedeschi Capitel Grappa (700ml)

Piedmont, ITALY
$125. 00
$1500.00 Dozen
ABV: 45%

This grappa was produced from two grapes, the Recioto and Amarone. The grappa has been matured in oak for two years. Onion brown colour with green olive hue showing its barrel maturation characterisitics. Powerful nose with strong spirit lift over a layer of caramel. The palate is quite fiery and has an intense pepper sensation. Exceptionally long palate with just a touch of adelhyde on the aftertaste.
Alc/Vol: 45.0%

Notes sourced from Enoteca Sileno

Grape Varieties:The grapes originally used for making the Recioto and Amarone.Production: A discontinuous process where the volatile component of the marc can be extracted. Before distilling the marc must be totally fermented and softly pressed. The distillate that is obtained has a 75% alcohol content by volume. The grappa is aged for 2 years in Limousine oak barriques.
Characteristics:The grappa has a warm intense nose that is accentuated by the maturation in oak.
Serve:room temperature
Try it with: Enjoyed as an after dinner drink or with coffee.