Tasmanian Tonic Company Pepper Berry Tonic Syrup (300ml)

$24. 99 Bottle
$299.88 Dozen
The Tasmanian Tonic Company was born of a desire to complement fine Australian spirits, particularly gin. Offering a range of uniquely local flavours, these syrups are very low in sugar with balanced singular botanicals. Their Pepper Berry Tonic complements savoury spirits - especially where spices are the primary botanical. Quinine at the first taste slides into a bite of Tasmanian Pepper Berry at the finish. Lime and lemon complete a fine balance.

Other reviews... "These are so refreshing and delicious, and so much more complex than regular, commercially-available tonic water. Yes, the colour is a little unexpected, but that's because of the unprocessed nature of these small-batch syrups. They're also less sweet, so they don't overpower the flavour of your chosen gin." - SeaSaltSocial