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Tapatio 100% Agave Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Anejo Tequila (1000ml)

Jalisco, MEXICO
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ABV: 40%
Closure: Cork

A stunning ultra-aged tequila unlike any other and one of the greatest Anejos ever produced.

'Spirits chasers' who are always after the latest and greatest releases as well as the more esoteric, would almost be disappointed to know that Tapatio has been floating around Mexican bars for about 75 years and already enjoys a strong following in its country of origin. Outside of Mexico is another story. Until recently, the brand was not even obtainable north of the Mexican border, at least not by legal channels (it only debuted in the US in 2012.) The family owned distillery behind the brand, "La Altena", preferenced the promotion of another of their Tequilas,"El Tesoro" for overseas markets, but thankfully Chief Distiller, Carlos Camarena, finally succumbed to the pressure to release the Tapatio tequilas to faithfuls around the world. Some of these were no doubt introduced to its charms on a Mexican bender from Juarez to Tapachula. Many others probably fell in love with the drink from a single shot and became instant converts.

The arrival of Tapatio Tequilas in Australia is a welcome one, as from a production point of view, this is as traditional as you will get: 100% estate grown agave, brick ovens, wooden vats and copper stills make La Altena one of the last bastions of old school tequila, resulting in a drink of character rather than a mass produced commodity tailored for the 'senoritas in sombreros' segment - even though some would say there is nothing wrong with that, we know where we stand when we're looking for a true Mexican delight!

This very special Extra Anejo expression was previously reserved only for the friends and family of Don Felipe and Carlos Camarena. It was aged for around four years in new French oak before being rested in five litre glass vessels. Spirits can't evolve in glass, you say? Well, agave breaks all the rules. From a 50ml sample, the Gran Reserva has a bright copper appearance with the first pass offering sensuous aromas of melted butter, salted nuts and forgivable flashes of varnish. Second round finds sweeter scents of vanilla, marzipan and stewed fruits. A light entry expands into a surprisingly fresh, off-dry profile including beeswax, cedary oak, dried herbs, suggestions of dark chocolate and fruit paste (kumquat? fig?) Ends perfectly balanced, crisp, vibrant and super long with cocoa and cigar box lingering. A stunning ultra-aged tequila unlike any other we’ve tasted. Don't miss it. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Bronze color. Aromas of fresh lumber, luxury tobacco, caramel, prune, eucalyptus, and vanilla-scented black tea with a fat body and a very long cherry-almond, dark roasted agave, sandalwood, baking spices, and root beer finish. A superlative sipping tequila that combines elegant wood with rustic, authentic agave flavors; an outstanding spirit. Superlative. 98 points - tastings.com

...Given this is one of the most aged tequilas on the market, it tastes surprisingly vibrant. Sure, there are heavily-raisinated, dried fruit, dark caramel, banana, and sweet vanilla flavors. However, that's not the only thing going on here. Strong, funky herbal notes of sage, thyme and dill poke through. You can still taste the peppery vegetal properties of the agave, and there's a lemony acidity to round it out. Given how old it is, it actually has more complexity and finesse than some añejos a fraction of its age. 97 points - distiller.com