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Tanqueray Old Tom Gin (1000ml)

$145. 00
$1740.00 Dozen
ABV: 47.3%
A limited edition of 100,000 individually numbered bottles, this is a revived and personal rendition from Tanqueray's Master Distiller, Tom Nichol, based on an original recipe from Charles Tanqueray's private records. The precursor ceased production in 1921. The packaging harks back to the original.

Due to the modern day resurgence of this genre, many will be aware that the "Old Tom" style refers to a fuller, richer and slightly sweeter kind of gin that was once one of the most widely available spirits stocked in Victorian-era bars in both England and the U.S.

To make this contemporary version, Tanqueray employ neutral grain spirit, re-distilled with Tuscan juniper, angelica root, coriander and licorice in their fittingly named 'Old Tom' No. 4 copper pot still (so called because it comes from the only Tanqueray facility to survive the Blitz). Some unaged wheat spirit is then blended in along with a small amount of sweetener (made with beet sugar), and water reducing it to 94.6 proof.

So many super enthusiastic reports on this have us more than tempted to open a bottle, but with this extremely limited shipment, we're going to give first pick of the cherry to customers. Enjoy!

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