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Tanqueray Lovage Gin (1000ml)

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ABV: 47.3%
Another 19th century Tanqueray recipe has surfaced, this time from 1832. The new expression has a “savoury twist”, thanks to the addition of the English garden herb, lovage.
Juniper, angelica, liquorice and coriander are also in the mix.

World-renowned bartender, Jason Crawley, helped create the new gin which he describes as “deeply herbaceous, celery-like and earthy, whilst retaining that signature juniper-citrus forward style”.

Launched in the UK in early 2018, the new expression is reportedly the first gin to be created with lovage.
“We had to work a lot harder on the distilling process, because at first it came through a bit soupy,” explained Crawley. “We had to practice, adding a little bit more this and a little bit more that. We looked at it a bit like a graphic equaliser – we had all the key parts of Tanqueray, but we turned up the bass a little, turned up the treble and dropped down the middle section. It was all a case of tweaking it.”

Around 100,000 bottles have been released in Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We've sneaked in a small amount for the Australian market!

Tasting note: Classically London dry with strong piney/juniper aromas as well as coriander, orris root, pepper and delicate herbal / coastal notes (kelp?) A lively, full flavoured and keenly balanced gin with a fresh juniper and coriander-led delivery; oily textured through the middle stages with budding pepper warmth and subtle celery leaf (?) giving an interesting vegetal twist to the finish. A vibrant, expertly integrated variation on traditional London dry. 47.3% Alc./Vol.

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