Taltarni 20 Year Tribute Pack - Lot No. 2 Cabernet Sauvignon

Pyrenees, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
$170. 00
$2040.00 Dozen
Closure: Cork

THE FIRST VINTAGE FROM TALTARNI WAS THE 1977 CABERNET SAUVIGNON. We recall at the time of release telling the winemaker, Dominique Portet (in no uncertain terms) that the tannins were too severe and out of balance with the fruit. Furthermore, we did not believe that the wine would ever come into balance. 23 years later we have to retract the statement. Dominique, we were wrong! We’re sorry mate! The 1977 Cabernet is now at its peak. We acquired a small parcel of this wine from the Estate of a country Wine Merchant. The wines have been perfectly cellared and are offered in two lots:

LOT ONE – The wine is in original condition.

LOT TWO – The wine is re corked and topped up.

The 1977 Cabernet is offered as a part of a twin pack, with the 1997 being the other wine. The wines are packaged in a Ronald Searle Gift Pack, with a short history of Taltarni included. A RARE EXPERIENCE FOR A LUCKY FEW.


Very deep, opaque, brick red, sienna brown colour. Superb developed nose with very strong Bordeaux inspired aromas of cedar, spice, blackcurrant and hints of leather. Over the next 5 minutes the wine evolves, becoming quite perfumed and the palate yields a superb taste experience. Outstanding flavours of cedar, confectionery, spice with outstanding length and persistence of flavours. The tannins have not disappeared and their massive structure has been responsible for the longevity of this wine. However, today, 23 years later, the tannin structure is firm but perfectly balanced. Exceptionally long aftertaste of spice and cedar. A great tribute to the convictions of Dominique Portet and a wine that displays strong parallels to the wine making styles of Chateau Lafite Rothschild.


Deep brick red colour. Aroma of leather, truffle and cedar followed by hints of violets. On the palate the dominant characteristics are again the cedar, truffle, earth and leather flavour which provide a very strong cover over the spice fruit flavours. In spite of there being 20 years difference between the 1977 and 1997 wines, there is a remarkable similarity of style from a winemaking perspective. The 1997 shows a much softer tannin structure but none the less, the Classic Bordeaux structure is present. Secondary flavours are preferred to primary fruit flavour. The wine shows good weight and length on the palate, followed by long cedar, spice and plum aftertaste. Cellar 4-5 years.

THIS LOT CONTAINS ONE BOTTLE EACH OF THE 1977 & 1997 CABERNET SAUVIGNON. In this Lot the 1977 Cabernet has been re corked and topped up.