Tacama Pisco Puro Pisco (750ml)

Ica Valley,
$56. 99
$683.88 Dozen

Pisco, a port south of Lima in Peru is the centre of the local wine and spirit trade, though especially Pisco ‘brandy’. The word itself is of indigenous Peruvian origin and means "bird" in Quechua, the language of the Inca’s, and was named such for the quantity and diversity of birds in the region. The derivation is interesting; Don Geronimo de Cabrera, who founded the town of Ica, employed members of the Pisco tribe to make jars to store the aguardiente which he had made. These jars (like Greek amphorae) became known as Piscos, but soon the fame of the spirit spread and the port from which it was shipped also came to be called Pisco.

The Tacama vineyard is located seven kilometres north east of the valley of Ica and presently covers 180 hectares. The region is especially suitable for the production of wines of consistent quality, in particular due to its climate & "terroir". The valley of Ica (14º south latitude & 70.5º west latitude) is located 300 kilometers south of Lima -capital of Peru- and 50 kilometres from the coast, at 400m Above Sea Level.The valley is a fertile oasis which in its highest part rests on the foothills of the Andes, from which each year during the summer months come the waters of the rains that fall on the "Cordillera" (chain of mountains) - and then run down the riverbed of the Ica river, along whose banks stretch on either side the fertile croplands, which produce fruit trees, cotton and of course, the grapes which are used to make the delicate, aromatic spirit - Pisco.

This traditional Peruvian Pisco combines the dryness of Gin and the versatility of Vodka. It can be drunk straight, or in an infinite variety of mixers and combinations, including the world famous "Pisco Sour. "
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