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Suntory Hermes Violets Liqueur (720ml)

$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 27%
Sought after by bartenders and often considered the finest example of its kind, Suntory's Hermes Violet liqueur has been difficult to track down outside of Japan. Largely used in cocktails (judiciously), the best known example requiring Violet liqueur is "The Aviation." Also enjoyed mixed with soda.

Other reviews... It’s fitting that the rarest and also most difficult to acquire brand of violette is also the best. Made in Japan, Hermes of Suntory fame has long been known to make great liqueurs and bitters. Their violet is no exception. A rich deep purple, Hermes has a nice sweet flowery nose. Taken straight, this is in my humble opinion, the brand with the best effect on the palate. Deep sweet waves of floral goodness pass over the tongue, accompanied with what is easily the longest finish of the five violettes tasted. - spiritsandcocktails.wordpress.com