Stauning  El Clasico Danish Rye Whisky (700ml)
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  • 89

Stauning El Clasico Danish Rye Whisky (700ml)

$144. 99
$1739.88 Dozen
ABV: 46.3%

Described as "a Nordic whisky demon with Iberian blood flowing through its veins", Stauning's El Clasico Rye sees additional time in x-vermouth casks. The unusual nose presents muted prune and dried peel aromas with burgeoning rye richness; Harder to pin down on the palate, falling somewhere close to a drier style malted rye, then slightly nondescript through the middle stages before developing cinnamon, bitter peel and herbal definition as the vermouth rallies. Ends warming, dry and palate cleansing. Obvious Manhattan potential - which is no doubt what the creators had in mind. 46.3% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... This vermouth-finished rye whisky is intriguing, complex, and distinctive, with aromas of deep pepper-spice notes of clove and ginger, baked orange peel, stewed fruits, and a gratifying tang of bitter fruit skins and herbal stalks. Mouth-drawing fruitiness with cherry-flavored gummy bears, sweet chalky candies, strawberry taffy, and a piercing streak of spice followed by cinnamon and the return of bitter herbs. Drink it neat or enliven your Boulevardier game. 89 points -