Springbank 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) - 2016 bottling

Campbeltown, SCOTLAND
$299. 00 Bottle
$3588.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%

The 2016 bottling yielded approximately 7200 bottles with maturation reported to be 100% Bourbon oak (not confirmed). Solid review from whiskyfun.com below.

Other reviews... I’m asking you, who wears purple? Bishops, Volkswagens, and Springbank, that’s about it. Yeah, and poor Melania. Colour: gold. Nose: it’s not got the sublime brightness of the 10, neither has it got its immediate minerality, and just between us, I believe the sherry’s to blame. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong (well done, S.) but while the 10 is so wonderfully streamlined, this one’s got too many side notes in my opinion. Like some gas/eggs/truffles, for example, or some kind of cardboardy ultra-dry cocoa. On the other hand, I do enjoy these wild mushrooms and the notes of soy sauce and lovage (Maggi). It’s just that the 10 was so perfectly sleek… Mouth: ah, this is not as unsound as I had thought. Good smoky and salty chocolate, some umami, parsley, Seville oranges, salty black olives (always a hit at WF Towers) melissa water, kippers, brine… And some drying cardboard too. Finish: medium, and rather ‘bouillony’. Now this feeling of salted oranges is not uncommon in some Springbanks. Comments: of course it’s very good, it’s just that I should have tried it before the 10. Which no serious taster would have done anyway, since we need law and order, don’t we.
86 points - whiskyfun.com