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Spring Gin Uppercut Gin (700ml)

$120. 00
$1440.00 Dozen
ABV: 49.6%
Dangerously drinkable at this high abv,
but also makes for a deliciously creamy G&T.

A high proof gin inspired by traditional European restorative spirits aimed at invigorating the imbiber. Ingredients include Damiana leaf (helps with headaches and constipation), Strawberry leaf (rich in vitamin C and good with digestive ailments), Liquorice root, (used for sore throats) and Vervain herb (said to be good for teeth and gums). Very limited stocks.

Tasting note: Brilliant clarity, bright and silvery; follows through with a big, peppery, piney-juniper gin bouquet backed by lemon sorbet / verbena. Creamy, semi-sweet entry maintains extraordinary purity and poise through to the mid palate stage where barely discernible peppers mingle in a cascade of citrus oil and juniper. Glides to the finish, concluding fresh, mildly peppery, herbal, piney with hints of liquorice late in the fade. Dangerously drinkable at this high abv, but also marries beautifully with tonic. Great gin. 49.6% Alc./Vol.