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Spring Gin Ladies Edition Gin (500ml)

$99. 99 Bottle
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 38.3%
This is the third of four Gin expressions offered by the Spring Gin Company, and the lowest proof - 38.3% Alc./Vol.
The producer comments, "After more than 25 years in the bar business and a lot of conversations, I have an obligation to my female clientele that finally the time has come to make a real dry Gin to please you all. Something different and new, less alcohol, smooth and still fresh with a floral finish. Distilled with fourteen carefully selected botanicals, such as white peaches, and the rare China White Monkey Silver Needle Tea, one of the highest quality teas available. Monkeys, trained by monks, harvest the tea leaves above 2000 metres, so the story goes".

Mixed with Tonic Water or your favourite mixer, you can taste the subtle tannins of the tea and the fine aroma of peach on the finish.

No tasting notes available.