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Southern Coast Distillers Batch 01R Rum (700ml)

Welland, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 46%

The word is out, unfortunately this little venture is no longer. A formal newsletter was sent to Southern Coast Distillers members on December 4th, 2012 which can be found here.

The Southern Coast Distilling company was formed in May 2004 by three friends and their partners as a vehicle to build a South Australian Single Malt Distillery that will form a lasting legacy. The actual distilling first took place in January 2005 utilising the small 80 litre still built by the proprietors and named 'Monty' because it looked a bit like the cartoon character Monty Burns. They filled their first 50 litre cask from Tasmania in April 2005. Encouraged by their small success, "We realised that we could make passable spirit and that our worst case scenario of having large quantities of whisky to drink in our retirement if the endeavour failed was probably behind us. We immediately set about building a 600l still called Homer. Homer was commissioned on the 27th of June 2005 and charged with a wash of molasses to make rum the same day."

This rum was filled into a re-made and re-furbished, very heavily charred port cask made from American oak in May 2008. There was a very long fermentation using a wine yeast and Queensland molasses with acid balance provided by citrus fruit.

Tasting notes: [Batch 01R tasted] Pale gold colour. A dank wood aroma quickly blows off revealing attractive, sweet, estery aromas of brown sugar, dried banana, raisin and vanilla custard. The entry is soft and semi sweet, building with good concentration with flavours of dried banana and raisin toast. Gentle spices add depth. Creamy mouth feel. A little short but redeemed by a lengthy aftertaste of molasses, dried banana and spicy stewed fruits. A promising first release. 46% Alc./Vol. 180 bottles produced.

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