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    Sipsmith Summer Cup (500ml)

    $59. 99 Bottle
    $719.88 Dozen
    ABV: 29%

    Based on Sipsmith Gin with added fruits, herb and spices, including Earl Grey tea, fresh Lemon Verbena and cucumber, this summer cup is bottled at 29% , a strength selected to mimic the original Pimm's bottling. The producers recommend serving Sipsmith Summer Cup with three parts lemonade and a generous garnish of summer fruits.

    Tasting notes: Slightly cloudy in the bottle, it presents a dull gold ochre to pale copper in the glass. The nose is perfumed offering a gorgeous bouquet that literally smells of Summer, being floral and fruity yet mildly herbaceous at the same time. A cucumber top note is followed by a combination of spiced stewed fruits, chamomile, lavender and a hint of crushed eucalyptus leaf that adds freshness. The palate is dry yet fruity with dried juniper berries and herbal flavours dominating. Concludes fresh and clean with the eucalypt note repeating followed by a subtle chamomile tea aftertaste that shows remarkable staying power. Wonderful stuff. 29% Alc./Vol.

    Other reviews... Clear, brick red. Aroma: Wonderfully aromatic nose like walking into a gin distillery's botanical store with pronounced juniper oils and herbal aromas, peppery spice and cassia with zesty citrus. Taste: Enlivening spicy, herbal, fruity palate with strong piney juniper, invigorating cracked black pepper and clove spice. The Lemon Verbena and tannic Earl Grey tea are easily detectable. Aftertaste: Far more powerful in its flavour and drier than Pimm's. Long spicy finish with lingering cracked pepper corn heat. – Simon Difford, CLASS Magazine 2010size>