Silvio Carta Bomba Carta Amaro (700ml)
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Silvio Carta Bomba Carta Amaro (700ml)

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$1439.88 Dozen
ABV: 33%

Master Distiller, Elio Carta employs a selection of Sardinian flora cultivated in his father's garden. St John's Wort, Santolina, Thyme, Mugwort (Artemisia) and rare Sardinian Corbezzolo honey are just some of the botanicals that go into this deep sienna-coloured liqueur. Citrus peel, menthol, gentian, bitter herb, cocoa and baking spices are suggested on the nose, then echoed on the palate. By Amaro standards, this is robust; Medium to full-bodied flavours of bittersweet herbs and dried fruits are rounded off in a complex medley of peppermint tea, citrus zest, pepper, potpourri and warming alcohol. Others will note even more. Serve after dinner with a cube of ice. 33% Alc./Vol.

Notes from the importers... Intense dark brown in colour, it smells of resins, pine nuts and sea plants, with important and deep balsamic veins: mint, eucalyptus and bitter chocolate blend with dark honey and spices, all seasoned with Mediterranean scrub. It has a powerful taste, with a marked bitter vein of officinal herbs, essences of myrtle, juniper and cloves. Impressive is the long persistence, which encompasses tastes that are mineral, saline, balsamic and toasted which leave the mouth purring for several minutes after swallowing. Bottles are wrapped and labelled by hand.