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Silesian Distillery Passover Slivovitz Plum Brandy (700ml)

Bielsko Biala, POLAND
$94. 99 Bottle
$1139.88 Dozen
ABV: 70%

Very pale straw colour with a pale green blush. Warm, lifted and blanco tequila-like at first with scents of green peppercorn, mustard and pickle alongside notes of sweet herbs and maraschino cherry. The palate is initially deceptively sweet and soft, building into an exceptionally concentrated profile that’s waxy, grapey and with some stewed plum evident. Slightly hot, but overall reasonably well balanced at this nuclear strength. Finish is bitter sweet. Dry, herbal, mildly fruity aftertaste followed by a trace of maraschino cherry. Definitely a spit or swallow affair rather than a contemplative drink. Holding it in the mouth for more than a few seconds intensifies the experience to the point of being painful - in fact, this taster's lips are now numb. 70% Alc./Vol.