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Silent Pool Gin (700ml)

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$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Established in 2014 as a sustainable project, Silent Pool Distillery is named after a nearby natural spring lake which is also the distillery's water source. Located in the southeast of England in the Surrey Hills countryside and produced entirely on site by Cory Mason, the gin employs 24 botanicals including lavender, chamomile, citrus, kaffir lime, local honey and juniper.

Unlike many other gins, Silent Pool is distilled using a column still. Mason comments, "Through precise control over a series of plates and cooling pipes, we are able to separate the exact flavour we want from each botanical that we use. In this way, we can break down the botanical, and capture only the section of it that we want to use in our gin.

The operation is run on a reclaimed wood-fired steam boiler from the 1970s, previously used to power a crane on Liverpool docks. Sustainable hardwood is sourced from the local Albury forest and gives the whole operation a very low carbon footprint as well as truly local credentials.

Tasting note Medium intense, peppery whiffs building with fresh juniper, lemon/lime peel, lavender and chamomile tea. Very piney on entry, with lemon and lime accented through the middle. Finish is drying, with lively spices and gentle cinnamon warmth. Ends pure, fresh and mildly sappy with pine and lavender lingering in the aftertaste. A well balanced sipper for elegant Martinis. 43% Alc./Vol.

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Gold Medal World Spirits Awards 2016