Shene Estate Distillery Elixir of Life Single Malt Australian Whisky (700ml)

Shene Estate Distillery Elixir of Life Single Malt Australian Whisky (700ml)

$199. 00 Bottle
$2388.00 Dozen
ABV: 49%

This is Shene's answer to a sherry bomb: Firstly matured in 20 litre Australian Apera and Tawny casks crafted at their Estate cooperage, when the spirit reached its height, it was further evolved in Pedro Ximenez casks from Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain. As of October 2021, Shene was taken over by Lark which means this may or may not be repeated. 49% Alc./Vol. Non chill filtered.

Other reviews... On the nose: This one is seductive, with boiled oranges, burning matches, wattle and red liquorice. Some scents of oiled leather – a new cricket ball perhaps and pine wood. Also interacting is metallic scents like iron shavings and ball bearings. Finally, some fruits, in the form of ripe bananas, lemon juice, barley sugar and ground spearmint. In the mouth: A powerful arrival in the mouth, some rawness of younger alcohol certainly and a chewy, dense mouthfeel with caramel. Dessert wines on the palate, rum and raisin chocolate and Kahlua. I think the finish in the PX cask is just right here. There’s fruit cake and stewed apples, fruit leather and dark chocolate, cocoa powder. The finish lingers and tends to a sweet final balance... no issue with the price. It is, however, priced at a level which invites scrutiny. Nevertheless, I am impressed and feel the quality of this dram justifies the price. I can’t speak to the exact benefits or flavour profile achieved with the blending of triple and double distilled spirit – but it has worked for me, in my glass, at least. -

...Nose: a rich sherry nose, with opulent raisins, toffee sweetness, maple syrup and fig bread. Some brighter notes of orange peel. Leather. Copper coins, a wee balsamic note and cocoa. Hints of coffee and a matchstick note in the distance. A rich PX character with lots of depth. Mouth: really winey now. While the nose was able to highlight the sugary sweetness, it’s now more the punchy spirit and fresh (pine) wood that comes forward, including some tannins. Also hints of caramel, candy apples, leathery dryness and cocoa powder. It reminds me of a young Brandy de Jerez. Finish: quite long, with a return to sweeter flavours like rum raisins and coffee liqueur. The Elixir of Life spirit is probably quite young. Combined with the very active PX casks this gives a rich aroma but slightly pressure-cooked flavours with a lot of raw wood influence. -

Double Gold Medal winner at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition