Sempe Vintage 1986 Armagnac (700ml)

$120. 00
$1440.00 Dozen

The Sempé family can be traced back to the 14th century - the name evolved from the French "St. Pierre", bearer of the Keys to Heaven, which is the crest of the family. The name and the keys are registered and kept at the French National Library.

The families Armagnac enterprise was founded originally in 1936 by then sixteen-year-old Henri-Abel Sempé, the firm today operates under the new ownership of Jean Pierre-Thenon and continues to produce the highest quality brandies, exporting them worldwide.

Sempé is privelidged to maintain one of the most famous and extensive collections of Vintage Armagnacs dating back to 1904. While each Vintage Armagnac has its own bouquet, aroma and character, they generally possess extraordinary smoothness with intense flavours of wood and dried fruit. They are generally a fine amber color, or amber-brown where extended aging in oak imparts a darker color and pleasant floral notes on the nose.
Stocks of the 1986 vintage are extremely limited.