Sazerac 18 Year Old 2021 Release Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
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Sazerac 18 Year Old 2021 Release Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)

$1999. 00 Bottle
$23988.00 Dozen
ABV: 45%

The 2021 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) is as limited as ever. What's more, you will not be able to find the George T. Stagg to complete the series this year as the 15-year-old failed to meet the Distillery’s standards. For many tasters, the Sazerac 18-Year-Old is usually not far behind Stagg in terms of quality and desirability. Its roots are in New Orleans when the Sazerac Coffee House gained fame by creating “America’s First Cocktail.” By replacing the French brandy with rye whiskey and pairing it with Peychaud’s bitters and Herbsaint, the Sazerac was born. 45% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... In many ways, Sazerac 18 Year finds its best footing since 2016. The nose is wonderfully expressive, instantly transporting me back to the steel tanked years. This is largely due to the whiskey returning to the classic Sazerac 18 Year profile. There aren’t any hard left turns here, which will satisfy diehards of the old batch and newcomers hoping to taste what all the fuss was about. If it wasn’t for its astringent finish, this rye would be firing on all fronts. Perhaps it spent too much time in the barrel (this year’s release was aged for an extra 6 months). Despite that, it is Sazerac 18 Year’s best showing post steel tanked batch. There is a lot to really enjoy here, but for a brand that used to go toe to toe with Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye, it still has some working out to do before it’s back in its old fighting form again. That said, the elements are all present: classic rich nose and an elegant flavor profile with pitch perfect balance. If Buffalo Trace is able to further dial this in a few more notches, the Saz will finally have its groove back. -