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Rum Diary Experimental Kitchen Edition 1 Cherry Spiced Rum (500ml)

$110. 00
$1320.00 Dozen
ABV: 44%
This is the first in a series of experimental rums to be offered by the boys at Rum Diary. Created with 120kgs of late season black Tasmanian cherries, manually pitted over 80 hours then macerated in overproof Caribbean rum for 3.5 weeks with lavender, nutmeg, orange, vanilla, liquorice root and black limes. A dash of homemade cherry liqueur was added to up the sweetness.

Tasting note: [Batch 30/06/2017] Slightly turbid cherry red appearance with brick red edges. Offers superb aromas of fresh-sliced fruit pudding, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon-toast and cherry nectar with fabulous purity. Follows through in a full-bodied, silky saturate of liquid raisin toast and fruit mince pie flavours. Keenly balanced. Lovers of the spiced category will adore this. 500 bottles. 44% Alc./Vol.