Rum-Bar Gold Jamaican Rum (700ml)

$64. 99 Bottle
$779.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

A blend of pot still rums aged for a minimum of four years in x-Jack Daniels barrels. The 100% tropical maturation gives it an 'already mature' character. It's another all-natural rum from Worthy Park with absolutely nothing added. Recommended in Rum Manhattans and Kingston Negronis.

Other reviews... As a sipping rum the this offers quite a nice experience. It’s very full flavoured and quite strong initally on the alcohol. Once again, the rum just needs a little time. After a couple of sips the alcohol begins to mellow and you will notice a sweet vanilla custard and some nice almost creamy fudge like notes. My initial assessment was that Rum-Bar Gold is closer to Hampden Gold than Appleton V/X but I’m starting to feel that despite all the upfront Jamaican funk rum it displays an underlying sweetness which neither of the other rums can attain. The rums in this blend are not high ester rums. The finish is quite long lasting and surprisingly mellow.That’s not to say this is a sweet rum in the sense of Zacapa or Diplomatico! It is a Jamaican pot still rum – no added sugar or other additives. However, it will be for many far more accessible than Smith & Cross, Hampden Gold or a Monymusk offering... Rum Bar Gold offers an experience much different to the other Jamaican Rums on the market. It is for a fairly young rum, quite complex and I certainly hope that people take the plunge and try a bottle whilst Tesco have stocks as I think they will be very pleasantly surprised. Excellent stuff...
4 Stars - thefatrumpirate.com

..."The Gold presents a medium straw color in the glass. The nose is surprisingly subtle for a pot-still Jamaican rum. In time, it yields vanilla and stone fruits, like a fruit pastry. Taste-wise, the vanilla and barrel-wood spring forth, with little of the ripe banana hogo found in some Jamaican rums. The mouthfeel is very clean, with no hint of additives. It finishes dry, with the barest hint of honey. It will work well as a rum substitute in cocktail recipes calling for a similar 80-proof bourbon."
83 points - distiller.com