Royal Dragon Imperial (Good Luck Edition) Vodka (700ml)

$120. 00 Bottle
$1440.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%


Royal Dragon was all the rage when it made a brief appearance in Australian early 2013, before it's abrupt departure due to its immediate success. It's now back again in extravagant form.

Royal Dragon Imperial is distilled five times in a century old copper pot still from organically grown winter harvest rye. The striking bling bottle has a hand-blown crystal glass dragon inside and edible 23 carat gold leaf flakes from Switzerland which sink to the bottom of the bottle until shaken.

The ‘Good Luck’ Edition is an exclusive gift with a stunning packaging in the colors of gold and red symbolizing good fortune and joy. A customized concept to wish ‘Good Luck’ for your dear friends, family, parties and business relations.

Other reviews... Appearance: Crystal clear with gold flakes which sink to sit in the bottom of the bottle/glass until agitated. Aroma: On the previous sample bottle of Royal Dragon we were sent in March 2013 we found off notes reminiscent of new car tyre rubber. Thankfully it would appear that that was a rogue bottle as this new sample has a more appealing nose with white pepper, charcoal and faint notes reminiscent of aniseed and hairspray (and we don’t mean to be disparaging). Taste: Silky mouthfeel but with fiery white and black pepper corn spice on an otherwise fairly neutral palate. Aftertaste: Long lingering cracked black pepper spicy heat. We sampled the previous sample next to this new sample and the two vodkas are very different. The first sample was softer on the palate but with notes we found reminiscent of new car tyre while peppery spice dominates this recent sample. Interestingly the natural cork stopper on the first sample has been replaced by a synthetic stopper. Was this the issue? - 4 stars. www.diffordsguide.com Sampled 11/04/2014