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Romana White Sambuca Liqueur (750ml)

$49. 99
$599.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
Not only is Romana the world's best selling export brand Sambuca, it was also one of the first to be effectively marketed. Made by the Pallini family, liqueurists since 1875, Romana Sambuca has long been the bartenders preference over competitors. They tell us it’s a fuller flavoured drink, with plenty of sweet anise aromas - thick, sweet and viscous. Experiment with these mixers for starters to find out why:

White Cloud – One fluid ounce of Romana in tall glass, fill with ice and soda. Refreshing!

Mosca – Float three coffee beans into one ounce of Romana in a thin liqueur glass.
Briefly flame before drinking. Intriguing but risky.

Romana Caffe – Add one half fluid ounce of Romana Sambuca to a cup of hot black Espresso or regular coffee.
Stir. Lady's favourite.