Remarkable Cream Rum Espresso Cream Liqueur (700ml)
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Remarkable Cream Rum Espresso Cream Liqueur (700ml)

$34. 99
$419.88 Dozen
ABV: 14%

There's a very good reason for the success of many liqueur brands beyond marketing strategies and savvy—they taste great! In this example, the inclusion of gold rum adds another layer while picking up the finish. Combined with a rich coffee-milk note, all whipped together with the milkiness of the cream, it makes for a gorgeous liqueur experience that doesn't overdo the sugar. It won't just be the ladies coming back for seconds. Treat yourself! 14% Alc./Vol.

*Gluten free. Once opened this product should be refrigerated to achieve a six month shelf-life. Otherwise, after opening, it will last about one month stored on the bar shelf.