Remarkable Cream Butterscotch Cream Liqueur (700ml)
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Remarkable Cream Butterscotch Cream Liqueur (700ml)

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$419.88 Dozen
ABV: 14%

A new standard in cream liqueurs made using the finest New Zealand dairy.

Fresh cream-based liqueurs are a positive indulgence, but creating them isn't straightforward. It comes down to a stable emulsion, the skill of the producer and the quality of the ingredients. Cream liqueurs first appeared in the 1970s with Baileys leading the charge. Since then there have been plenty of imitators - some better than others. One brand that is hugely popular in New Zealand raises the bar by employing more fresh cream and less sugar. The result is a superior taste and texture that's hard to replicate with cheaper ingredients like vegetable oil, cream powder and compound emulsifiers. Remarkable Cream's success is also due to the use of New Zealand whey vodka. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been turned to curd and strained. It contains proteins, minerals and importantly lactose, which is concentrated, fermented and then distilled multiple times to achieve a high level of purity. The gently sweet spirit has a super smooth texture that makes a perfect base for liqueurs. Finally, to emulsify liquids that won't mix, like spirit and cream, you need specialist machinery and lots of experience, or large amounts of artificial emulsifiers. Remarkable Creams have perfected a natural way.

Besides decadent and boozy cream cocktails, the Remarkable Creams pair with festive treats like eggnog, gingerbread and baked goods. Think of a warm apple pie or a freshly baked brownie; drizzle a sauce made by gently heating Remarkable Cream Rum Espresso liqueur with a touch of cinnamon or vanilla and you instantly go from delicious to divine. If you are a culinary enthusiast, use these liqueurs to elevate truffles, tiramisu or sponge cake. Acidic ingredients (such as coffee, juice, or carbonated beverages) can be used in moderation but may cause the liqueurs to curdle. Remarkable Cream's products are gluten free. Once opened they should be refrigerated to achieve a six month shelf-life. Otherwise, after opening, they'll last about one month stored on the bar shelf. 

Inspired by the distinctive toffee from New Zealand's favourite cookbook - Remarkable Cream's original Butterscotch pours a khaki brown colour and offers well-defined butterscotch aromas and flavours with secondary notes of nougat, hazelnut, vanilla and milk chocolate. It's the mid palate and finish where this takes flight: Fluffy and wonderfully creamy, with a rich butterscotch-fresh-cream feel that ends gracefully, balancing the sweetness while enabling the cream and milk vodka to shine. Even if these sorts of liqueurs are not usually your thing, you're going to find it hard to stop at one. Best enjoyed straight, preferably at -5°C (you can leave it in a freezer for a few hours) but also lends itself to cocktails, butterscotch cheesecake, brûlée or tiramisu. 14% Alc./Vol.