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    R.Jelinek Borovicka Juniper Brandy (700ml)

    Vizovice, CZECH REPUBLIC
    $49. 99 Bottle
    $599.88 Dozen
    ABV: 45%

    Rudolf Jelinek is a joint stock company concerned with the production of alcoholic drinks, especially spirits and has an established tradition in Vizovice since the 16th century. The company itself was founded at the end of the last century in 1894. Its products are known in all corners of the Czech Republic with around 18% of total production exported to Slovakia and the USA, where the kosher spirits are particularly popular.

    Juniper Berries are normally assosciated with Gin. This traditional product from RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. has been continuously produced in Vizovice for over 100 years and under the brand name Slovacka borovicka 75 years. It acquires its specific taste and aroma thanks to repeated distilling of ripe black juniper berries in quality spirits. The juniper brandy settles for at least six months before bottling to enable the ingredients to blend and acquire a balance, but does not require mellowing in oak. Slovacka juniper brandy can be drunk neat, cooled, or added to all types of cocktails and is said to have a beneficial effect on digestion.

    Tasting note: Crystal clear. Offers nice aromatic complexity with scents of blackpepper and dried juniper followed by hints of pine needle and herb; echoed in the mouth with a concentrated juniper and pepper accented finish and a pleasant spicy warmth that's maintained through the aftertaste. Pine needle and juniper repeat in the fade. Unashamedly juniper focussed.45% Alc./Vol.